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UFO Corner #1

Jonathan is out for the evening and I’ve been trying to have a bit of a sort-out. (I was hoping to actually get some crafting of some sort done, but my energy and general enthusiasm levels have put paid to that plan).

The upstairs front room which contains both of our desks and my crafting stuff is the one room that still hasn’t really ‘made it’ since we moved in in November. There is still a long way to go, but tonight’s contribution to taming the mêlée has been to 1) tidy my pens and pencils out of assorted grubby plastic pots and into the lovely wooden desk tidy that Jonathan got me for my birthday:

IMG_6463 (600 x 450)

, 2) pile up the mess under my folding table into a slightly more contained pile of fabrics and bags, and 3) venture into the sewing bits-and-bobs box that I threw together at the last moment before moving.

And out of this box came the first UFO for the ‘UFO Corner’ series that I threatened myself with sometime back.

Pattern: McCalls 4455, version E (bottom-left below)


UFO since: Spring 2010? Oh geez.

IMG_6459 (600 x 450)

See all that puffing and rumpling? Now part of that is to do with the fact that this top has been shoved into a corner/ bag/ box for the vast majority of its three year lifespan. I have to be honest though. Part of it is to do with major user error.

The fabric is a beautiful creamy sheer silk that I bought for a steal in the closing down sale of the wonderful Giesse Scampoli (sob). It’s lined and underlined with white cotton for body and topstitched with white topstitching thread.

IMG_6462 (600 x 450)IMG_6461 (600 x 450)

A more experienced sewist than myself at the time would have carefully smoothed, weighted and hand-basted the silk to the underlining on every single piece before even thinking about sewing a seam. Um, yeah. Also, see that mess at the right shoulder? The silk shifted and disintegrated before it could be sewn under in the relatively narrow shoulder seam. I think that’s the point when I pushed it away in exasperation.

Rescue possibility: I hate to admit it but… no. I’m sad about the wasted silk, but there is no way that this is rescuable to my satisfaction. Plus it was a close fit at the time of making, and I’ve put on weight since. I’d like to try then pattern again at some point, though.