I’m Lucy. I’m in my mid-twenties and live in Britain. I’ve been sewing since 2008 and knitting since 2012, both essentially self-taught.

Taking up sewing was the first of three big things that happened to me in 2008. The second was that I had what could best be described as a depressive breakdown. I battled my way through to the end of my degree during the following two years, and have been battling my way into the workplace ever since. I battle a lot less than I used to have to, but it’s still there, every day.

The third big thing that happened in 2008 was that I got asked out by a boy. A bit under three years later, the boy and I got married. Jonathan is my best friend, my sewing-project photographer, and the one who has permission to nag me to put down the needles and get on with my accountancy study.

I aspire to more than I achieve, but I keep aspiring anyway.



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