FO: For the Danglies

This little slew of posts comes to you courtesy of two days in bed with a stinking cold. The new job is going really well so far, but as predicted it is kicking my backside in terms of the considerably reduced amount of free time that I have. Like Sadie, too, I’ve been trying to focus on actually doing the sewing/ knitting/ whatever instead of spending time and mental effort on blogging about it.


That said, I did want to show you all one of my recent crafty endeavours:

IMG_6830 (600 x 450)

An earring stand is something that I’ve wanted for ages, but never quite got around to making. Yes, I could have bought one… but when it came to it, none of the stands for sale out there where quite what I wanted.

These are very simple, made using two basic photo frames that originally came from IKEA and a sheet of woven wire mesh purchased (for what I consider a very reasonable price) from the Crazy Wire Company. I cut the mesh to size using normal scissors and then slotted it under the little metal catches on the back of the frames. The earrings then just hook through.

IMG_6824 (600 x 450)

The one downside is that in order for there to be room for the earrings to hang, I had to lose the cardboard prop from the photo frame – the finished stands just lean against the assorted toiletries boxes on my chest of drawers. But I’m OK with that.

I have been finding that having my dangly earrings on constant display has reminded me to wear them more, which is a good thing. It’s also freed up room in my little giraffe tin so that I can see what studs I have better. Little things, eh?

IMG_6831 (600 x 450)


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