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My First Wollmeise

I cannot take credit for the title of this post – that goes to Minxy, who suggested it at Knit Night for a blog post of her own which she hasn’t even had time to type up yet. Sorrrrry. However it an apt one, as we have both purchased our first skein of Wollmeise within the past fortnight, both from destashes on Ravelry.

My skein is a Twin Sockenwolle (80% superwash merino, 20% nylon). I am intrigued. It is wound tightly – so much so that the 150g skein is no bigger in its current form than a standard 100g – and it feels much smoother than the ‘Pure’ (100% merino) that I briefly fondled I Loop earlier this summer.

There are a lot of people out there who rave about Wollmeise. I can’t tell how much of this is to do with the actual properties of the yarn and how much of it is about exclusivity value – it’s amazing how much more attractive something becomes when it’s hard to get. That said, there is talk of excellent stitch definition, and the colours… oh, the colours…

This is my skein, in the Zenzi WD colourway:

IMG_6792 (600 x 450)

I am not going to lie. I am in awe of those colours. I tried my best to capture them using a point-and-shoot digital camera and light image manipulation, but even that photo struggles to convey the intense saturation and the richness of the ginger and the caramel, the chestnut, the biscuit, the dark brown so inky that it’s almost black, but with almost blue-y tones where it merges into a lighter colour again…

I haven’t dared to unwind the skein yet. It’s just so beautiful. I almost don’t care what the base is like. I have a sneaky feeling that this first skein of Wollmeise may not be my last.


FO: Kirsten Kinomo Mk II

You would think that such a simple tee wouldn’t take that long to make, and I guess it didn’t really by my standards. However I did want to make sure that the added neck and armhole bands were applied evenly, with no twisting or puckering. My success was worth the short delay – I forsee myself wearing the heck out of this t-shirt!

IMG_6782 (600 x 450)

My first version of this pattern (which some of you may remember from my old blog) was made in a knit with considerably more give. This one fits fine, but either I need to stand up straight or I need to occasionally pull it down around the hips to prevent the horizontal wrinkle around my waist that I’ve only just realised is present in both of these photos. Jonathan only has so much patience for photo-taking.

IMG_6780 (600 x 450)

The main fabric is an inkjet printed remnant that I bought off eBay yonks ago. It has already featured in my wardrobe via the skirt barely mentioned here, so I had to piece the back in order to have enough for the tee. But actually I really like this as a design feature too, especially with the diagonal rough plaid print.

That’s all really. A great pattern, a result that I love, and a finished garment that will go some way to rectifying the current shortage of wearable t-shirts in my chest of drawers. Perfectamundo.