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WIP: a Quarter of an Omelette

After restarting my Omelette cardigan whilst on holiday, I’ve made speedy progress*. I started the holiday with just a faced hem – but now look!

IMG_6688 (600 x 450)

This pattern is SO CLEVER. I’m not going to expand on all of the details of the construction because you ought to go and buy the pattern to find out for yourself – but I am constantly tickled by just how much thought the designer has put into everything.

To give an example: I’m used to taking numbers in patterns with a bit of a pinch of salt – after all, I have to modify practically everything in order to fit me. But in order to do that effectively, you have to keep an eye on each number and really understand what it represents.

To start with I was knitting the fifth size up**. The pattern instruction read “…on the 19th (19th: 20th: 20th: 0th: 21st: 21st) row…”. I think that most people’s instincts would be as mine were; to assume that that zero was a typo and meant to read twenty. But actually no. Reading ahead a bit made me realise that it actually was a zero – but to truly persuade myself of that was a huge exercise in trust.

Annamária Ötvös has earned that trust a million times over already. I’m not an experienced knitter, but even I can tell that this is stellar pattern writing.

A couple more WIP details:

IMG_6693 (600 x 450)

Crochet provisional cast-on à la Woolly Wormhead. Now that the method’s clicked for me, I am never using another provisional cast-on ever again.

IMG_6689 (600 x 450)

Remember that I said I was doing an embossed-style motif on the left pocket? Can you tell what it is? I’m hoping that it will be that bit clearer after blocking!

I paused to take photos having got to the end of my first cake of yarn. According to my scales, the cardigan so far weighs roughly 70g. Nearly a quarter of the way through!


*Or as speedy as progress goes when you’re knitting an entire friggin’ cardigan in 4-ply. Ahem.

**I’ve now decreased to the third, because OHAI waist-hip ratio.


WAK#9: Something Sleeveless

Back when I posted the Ballet Camisole in my work-appropriate knitting series there was a brief debate as to whether sleeveless – or more specifically shoulderless – tops were appropriate for the workplace.

I’m wondering whether it depends on the individual’s body as much as it does on the workplace. Sadie made the point in one of her posts (I forget which) that the same outfit can look perfectly smart on one body type and sloppily casual on another. It isn’t just a case of ‘the thinner the better’ either – I’m thinking of drapy tunic tops, for instance, which look fab on full figures but would be hopeless on me because I need waist definition.

Either way, this WAK is for those who are happy to wear sleeveless at work (or who are just too warm at the minute to care either way). It is also probably a garment for the small-busted, which alas rules me out. Don’t you just love the lines though? Roobeedoo, I can see you rocking this hard!

Petrie, by Beautia Dew:


Photo from Ravelry