WAK#9: Something Sleeveless

Back when I posted the Ballet Camisole in my work-appropriate knitting series there was a brief debate as to whether sleeveless – or more specifically shoulderless – tops were appropriate for the workplace.

I’m wondering whether it depends on the individual’s body as much as it does on the workplace. Sadie made the point in one of her posts (I forget which) that the same outfit can look perfectly smart on one body type and sloppily casual on another. It isn’t just a case of ‘the thinner the better’ either – I’m thinking of drapy tunic tops, for instance, which look fab on full figures but would be hopeless on me because I need waist definition.

Either way, this WAK is for those who are happy to wear sleeveless at work (or who are just too warm at the minute to care either way). It is also probably a garment for the small-busted, which alas rules me out. Don’t you just love the lines though? Roobeedoo, I can see you rocking this hard!

Petrie, by Beautia Dew:


Photo from Ravelry


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