Knipmode August 2013 – Pattern Picks

So after my last post where I talked about my general impressions of Knipmode as a magazine, here is where I get down to the meat of things – which patterns I particularly like from this issue!

Most of the technical drawings/ pictures here are from the Knipmode website where, it turns out, you can buy roughly two thirds of the patterns as one offs! (The website claims “alle patronen” from the issue which isn’t strictly true, but the website still beats Burda’s hands down for its ease of use and aesthetic appeal. Just sayin’)

There are six skirts in this issue (or five really, as style 12 is just style 11 minus the bells and whistles, but with slanted hip pockets instead of patch ones). I particularly like three of them. Skirt 27 is in the plus size range, but that starts at a 44 which is what I suspect my hips count as – an advantage for once!


Blouse 21 and the knit top 22 are completely not my normal style, but I am intrigued by them – they both look as though they have the potential to be incredibly comfortable. Blouse 21 might even pass for workwear in the right fabric (and possibly minus the extra drape – what do you think?)


There’s a great ‘basic’ jacket (6), and a smart-casual short jacket (3) that looks like it would be really fun to wear – in the same vibe, I really like the look of the shirt-dress (16) and just LOVE the tie-belt jacket (8) .


None of the trousers do it for me particularly – they’re all tapered styles which are not flattering on my shape to say the least. There’s three dresses and a related knit top which I can see being a big hit in blogland even though I’m not clamouring to make them at this point myself. There’re even two knitting patterns in there, although neither are grabbing me enough to be worth the bother of trying to translate them from Dutch.

Still, the point is that I am definitely glad that I bought this magazine! There’s nothing revolutionary, but there are lots of good, fun basics, which is my favourite type of sewing pattern. I have heard that Knipmode is drafted more for a straight-up-and-down fit than Burda is, so things may require a bit of muslining for my rather extreme curves but it should totally be worth the effort.

Now, just to find some time to actually sew…


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