Knipmode August 2013 – Impressions

Inspired title, I know ūüėČ

The above issue of Knipmode, bought whilst on holiday, is my first time seeing this particular magazine in the flesh. This is going to be more a review of impressions than anything else, although I will also pick out the patterns that I particularly like the look of. Everything is in Dutch – a fine language of which I speak not a word – so that will no doubt alter the experience somewhat!

I have no idea whether this a regular feature or not, but the magazine comes with a ‘Made by Me’ extra: “mode en accessories van Knipmode & bloggers”. You don’t have to be a fine linguist to translate that. The accessories all come from bloggers, with links to their blogs and brief profiles included. The five simple clothing patterns are all one-dot difficulty level and of the ‘gathered rectangles’ variety, with hand-drawn¬†cutting diagrams, brief schematics with dimensions, and short written instructions.

IMG_6665 (600 x 450) IMG_6668 (600 x 450)

This sort of clothing pattern normally annoys me in magazines (“We paid for that?“), but the fact that it’s in a DIY-esque supplement makes all the difference here. It’s not pretending to be a ‘proper’ pattern, basically, but still gives everything you need¬†if it’s a look that you like and want to make.

Onto the main magazine, and the patterns are displayed grouped into various ‘collections’. Most patterns are shown more than once throughout the magazine, on models as well as on ‘capsule’ pages.

IMG_6672 (600 x 450)


I like the model photos in this magazine a lot more than those in Burda. For one, the backgrounds are nearly all plain colours (with the exception of the amazing hand-drawn doodles in the “Succesweek” section!). For two, they are always in poses that show off the clothes properly and don’t conceal the details. And for three, they are always smiling!

IMG_6673 (600 x 450)

Instructions and a technical drawing run-down are contained within a paper middle section, and the patterns themselves are on white fold-out sheets stapled in the middle. The pattern sheets feel to be made of a lot sturdier paper than Burda’s and the pattern spacing (in only three colours) is just incomparably better.

IMG_6677 (600 x 450)


So that’s the magazine, but what about the patterns? Well that’s for another post, before this one gets mahoosive!


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