Knitting Fizz Buzz

Do you know the game Fizz Buzz? Basically you start at 1 and count upwards, taking it in turn to say a number. So far so easy, but in your counting out loud you must replace every multiple of 3 with “fizz!” and every multiple of 5 with “buzz!”. Multiples of 3 and 5 (ie. multiples of 15) then become “fizz buzz!”.

Why yes, I did grow up in an education-orientated household.

Anyway, I have started work again on my Omelette Cardigan after a long hiatus. This is mainly due to the fact that I knew I was going to have to play a 4-way game of knitting Fizz Buzz in this section and I needed to wait until I had the time and head-space to deal with it.


I do make life complicated for myself though. The pattern stipulates that you must intersperse decrease rows with buttonhole rows. I decided that this wasn’t complicated enough so added vertical darts and an embossed effect motif to the left pocket area. Oh, and I’ll probably need to grade between sizes by the time I get to the waist too.

It keeps life interesting, no?!


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