I’d consider myself a sewist first and a knitter second. Chronologically, of course, but also in terms of my identity.

Despite this, my knitting has been getting rather a lot more attention over the past few months. I put this down to several things:

  • Knitting is portable. I can take it with me on car journeys, pick it up at lunch breaks, knit in bed…
  • Knit nights. I dedicate an evening a week to going out and socialising and knitting. This is part of my routine, again in a way that sewing just isn’t.
  • Knitting is still new and shiny for me.
  • Ravelry is a place where I spend quite a lot of my internet-time these days, and the resultant inspiration factor is huge. Sewing doesn’t have the equivalent. is great for a purpose but it’s not a site that one browses in the same way. I was an avid member of for quite a while but it’s not the same – more of a forum (as the name suggests) than an all-encompassing resource. And I did once briefly venture onto but… meh.
  • I can knit when my hips are grouchy.
  • I can knit when I’m too tired or depressed to entrust myself with electrically powered sharp-moving objects.

So since its inception back in January, I think it’s fair to say that this blog has been all about the knitting. My mind still wanders from one craft to the other, though, on a fairly regular basis.

Yesterday I was in a knitting mood. I picked up some of the newly released Katia Air Lux yarn at a local yarn shop. This stuff feels incredible. It is a viscose/virgin wool 3ply with a beautiful shimmer and it is so light and so soft that there was no way I was leaving it in the shop. In a serendipitous piece of timing, I have paired it up in my queue with Ysolda Teague’s Orchid Thief Shawlette which will totally qualify for the Crafting Library KAL if and when Chrissy launches it!


Today my head has been all about the sewing. And so it naturally followed that my retail therapy would wander in that direction too. Why yes, of course I need more fabric. *ahem*


Are you bi/multi-craftual? How do you handle your hobbies vying for attention?


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