Status Check #2

1. Knitted – Omelette

I fear that this has entered hibernation status. I’m no further than last time.

2. Knitted – Peacock Eyes Cardigan

I am so close to finishing this I can almost taste it!!! I bound off one sleeve last night (61cm of yarn left) and the other earlier this evening (71cm left). I’ve removed the lifelines that I had in there for counting purposes and thus all I need to do is weave in ends, block, and sew on buttons!

IMG_6523 (600 x 450)

3. Sewn – BWOF 02-2013-126

Yeah, still in pieces in the bag. This blog’s not called “Sewing Slowly” for nothing, ya know!

4. Sewn – BWOF 03-2012-121 (modified)

Officially a UFO and stashed away in disgust. Next.

5. Sewn – Colette Lily

This one’s doing fine. Everything’s cut out now, bar the straps but including the skirt lining and the tops have all been attached to their respective bottoms. I’m having to shorten the skirt and piece the straps due to lack of fabric, but touch wood it’ll be OK.

I’m not actually convinced about the particular order of construction that Colette recommend – effectively constructing the dress vertically before horizontally – because it means that you can’t try on the (fitted) bodice until the skirt is there too. That means that if you discover you need to make any ‘vertical’ alterations to the bodice it’s a pain in the backside. You don’t even get the benefit of less fabric in play when you insert the zip because that has to be done after the facing/ flap, which in turn has to be done after you’ve joined together the bodice… so yeah.

I did take the precaution of pin fitting the bodice pieces before sewing up the waist seams, and I’m glad that I did because I discovered that I needed to take quite a bit of fabric out in order to get anything approaching a close fit. You can see my altered cutting lines on the pattern pieces in blue felt tip here (originals size 10):

IMG_6525 (600 x 450) IMG_6526 (600 x 450)


The alterations at the bottom of the bodice are no big surprise – effectively tapering out for my hips, and taking a bit out of the middle back for my swayback. But look at the top of the side pieces. That’s a full two inches taken out – on each side! The bust fits beautifully, so I fear the moral of this story is that even in curvy-girl Colette patterns I need to go down a base bodice size and do an FBA. Sigh.

Oh, and I totally wish that Ann had published this post before I had cut out my twill weave fabric!


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One thought on “Status Check #2

  1. […] not fit me straight out of the envelope, which I’m a bit disappointed at, and as I’ve already mentioned, I didn’t think that the construction order in the instructions was that sensible. […]

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