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The day so far has been spent doing this and that – bit of tidying, bit of cleaning, going with Jonathan to Halfords and Homebase because I wanted the company and hey, it’s an outing. I’m not horrendously low but I’m not in a great place either, and when that happens I often find that pottering about doing useful bits and bobs is quite soothing.

However I do want to do some work on my dress this afternoon. I’ve discovered recently that I can sew or knit whilst in this particular frame of mind (which I used not to be able to) – provided that I have the company of a knitting podcast.

I’m very much a newbie to the world of listening to podcasts. I was aware of their existence, obviously, but I couldn’t really see their place in my life. I don’t have a particularly long commute to work, or a portable music player that works. When I tried a sewing podcast a while back, I became frustrated at the visual reference that was missing compared to my blog-reading. I also don’t ‘do’ just sitting and listening with nothing else in my hands.

But then I discovered Chrissy’s podcast at Stitched Together, and I loved it! It turns out that all along I was just trying the wrong podcasts. I don’t want to have to be hanging on every last detail of a fast-moving narrative. I want it to feel like chatting at Knit Night, with the added benefit of a few judiciously written ‘show notes’ which provide a few pictures and links to patterns or websites discussed.

Chrissy’s logo

I’ve realised that Chrissy’s podcast is the first British podcast I’d listened to, and I’m not going to lie – I find her soft East Midlands tones much more relaxing than some of the American accents out there (although I’ve no doubt that I could tune in to an American accent if I was enjoying the show enough). There’s also something reassuring in listening to someone else who doesn’t have three new FOs every week, and who does have to count the pennies, and who does have to count spoons too. She’s lovely, and having her playing while I sit down at the machine feels like great company.

I’ve no doubt that I will find other podcasts that I want to recommend at some point… but for now I am going to stop rambling and start sewing. I’ve already listened to Chrissy’s latest episode, so I’m going to be exploring her list of recommendations on Ravelry for this afternoon’s entertainment.

If you’re into knitting and not familiar with podcasts, then go on – do give them a try!


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One thought on “Pod-Casting About

  1. Stitched Together June 23, 2013 at 6:05 pm Reply

    Thanks for your lovely words Lucy. I’m sure you will find other podcasters that you click with. I love (these are American I’m sorry to say, but I really enjoy them) The Yarniacs, The Knit Knit Cafe and The Knitmore Girls. They are all audio podcasts that I love listening too.

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