WAK #7: DROPS jacket

I do apologise to anyone who has been waiting for next installment of Work-Appropriate Knitting and getting impatient. Life seems to have taken over around here recently.

Anyway, here’s something for you all to chew on. A cardigan-jacket with the catchiest name ever (I lie): DROPS 123-6 Fitted jacket in stocking st with cables in ”Alpaca”. I’m not sure why “Alpaca” needs its own quotation marks – I mean, I know that DROPS produce a yarn entitled such, but you wouldn’t misunderstand the title if they just said alpaca. I digress.

Photo courtesy of DROPS

I really like the subtle collar, the relatively structured fit, and the simple interest of the matching cables. If I were to make this, I would customise it to mimic an actual suit jacket as much as possible: neutral colour, three buttonholes with large-ish matching buttons, and hip length rather than the standard cardigan length that DROPS have chosen. As such I’m choosing “Yes, with modifications” on the poll below.

Will I make this? Well, it’s an entire jacket in 4-ply…


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One thought on “WAK #7: DROPS jacket

  1. Jenny June 12, 2013 at 9:12 pm Reply

    I really like it, but I don’t think it’s workwear, modifications or no – I’m going to hedge my bets and say that perhaps smaller cables would work but those cables look too cosy to me. And if it looks cosy, it probably isn’t WAK…? It may also be the shawl collar. It may mimic a jacket collar to an extent, but a collar like that is all about folding snugly round your neck and feeling warm and comfy either curled up with a good book or heading out for a weekend stroll.

    I honestly think it’s a lovely cardigan, but in my mind, whatever colour I imagine it in, and however I imagine the modifications you talked about, I can’t quite put it with a pencil skirt and smart shoes. Is that at all helpful as a comment or me just rambling on about cardigans?

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