The Web of Colour

Colour is wonderful. Colour is magical. If I studied colour for a hundred years I could never hope to get my head around its shifting hues and saturations, its infinite variety, its combinations and its contrasts and its blends.

But the same thing that makes colour so brilliant is what makes it so hard to pin down over cameras and computer screens.

I gave into my Colourmart longings not long after writing this post, and ordered some DK weight silk in ‘peachy powder’. But when it arrived, it was a lot more ‘powder’ and a lot less pink-toned than I was expecting. The photo on the left is the ‘swatch’ photo from the Colourmart website. The photo on the right is the one that I took – it’s not a brilliant shot, but it’s probably the most representative one of the colour that I could get.

36_120nm_dk_wt_silk_r33_peachy_powder_box_226IMG_6468 (600 x 450)

Disappointed, the yarn sat in its bag on my floor for a few days while I decided what to do. Its tones shifted as morning went and evening came. It lay there, shimmering, taunting me. Eventually I decided to send it back, as I knew that there was no point in spending a lot of money on a yarn that I wasn’t in love with.

So a few days ago, thanks in no small part to Colourmart’s superb customer service*, my replacement silk arrived. I’d bought 300g of the ‘peachy powder’ and they only had 200g of leftover ‘peach’ with which to replace it so I threw 100g of cream into the basket too.

IMG_6489 (450 x 600) IMG_6492 (450 x 600)

This time I took the yarn out of its bags and took photos against some white printer paper. The photo of the cream is pretty accurate, although the stark white background is bringing out its yellow.

The peach is quite a lot more saturated and quite a bit less pale in real life. It’s an orange-y peach, but holding it up against my face brings out a slightly pinkier hue. It certainly suits me better than the ‘peachy powder’ did, even if I like the colour less ‘on paper’. I want to use it to knit a non-maternity of Petal if I can possibly eek it out of the yardage.

Petal: project photo by Stefanie Japel

 Oh, and as for the cheeky extra Colourmart purchase from the Ravelry destash of a fellow LSG-er… om nom nom nom nom is all I have to say about that!

IMG_6486 (450 x 600)


*No commission etc.. But I sure wouldn’t say no 😉


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