FO: Vogue Tee (At Last)

Now I know this blog is entitled ‘Sewing Slowly’, but my last project has taken that to new extremes for such a simple garment. I cut out the knit tee from Vogue 1141 at my in-laws’ house over Easter, hoping to have finished it by the end of the holiday, and, well. I’ve just finished it this afternoon*.

Having finally got the damn thing done with, I decided that I’d better take photographs there and then. Jonathan was asleep and our garden had moved into shadow, so please excuse the poor quality.

IMG_6472 - Copy

I love the pattern and the shape of the tee as much as I did when I first saw it. It’s got pleats at the shoulders and a few small gathers at each side of the bust.

IMG_6482 (600 x 450)

I shortened Vogue’s binding pieces to about 70% of the relative opening lengths – the knit I was working with doesn’t have fantastic recovery so I wanted to pull things in a bit, as it were, and I personally reckon that you don’t want a knit-binding ratio to be anything over 80% anyway. I topstitched the bindings because I couldn’t be bothered to stitch in the ditch – particularly after having discovered that I’d ended up with a few drag lines so this was only ever going to be a casual top anyway.


The fabric is more purple-y in real life than the photos suggest. Unfortunately it also leaked a lot of dye on prewashing and wasn’t particularly stable to sew up. I should know by now not to buy crap fabric because of its colour/print, but somehow I always get drawn in….

Totally two thumbs up for the pattern though. I can definitely see myself making it again, and am very glad I bought it when I did because it’s now OOP.


*In fairness, my back did relapse in the middle of that time period, meaning that for about a fortnight even sitting was painful, never mind sewing. And I’ve been busy. So crazily, surprisingly busy!


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