WAK #5: Worsted Gables

You know there are those patterns that are everywhere on Ravelry? Everywhere you look somebody’s knitting a Color Affection or a Holden Shawlette – and that’s before you start on the stuff in Knitty! There are the patterns that deserve way more attention than their mere handful of projects belies. And then there are the patterns that just seem to be quietly successful.

Green Gable was published at the start of January 2013, according to its Ravelry page, and it’s already garnered well over 1000 projects.

Photo by knitlulu on Ravelry

Quite frankly, I can see why. It’s a classic shape, with plenty of fitting opportunities. The raglan seams are nicely shaped and the lace provides interest without overwhelming. It’s worsted, so it’ll knit up quickly, and top-down and seamless. In worsted weight I’d wear it as a jumper, but you could probably knit it in DK for a top.

I’d only have one concern if I were making this for workwear, and it isn’t bra strap coverage – multiple project photos suggest that this isn’t an issue. No, I’d just change the long sleeves a bit to be less exaggeratingly bell-like. But other than that, I can definitely see this pattern making its way into my queue as a quick project before too long.

Don’t forget that if there’s a pattern you’d like to featured in the work-appropriate knitwear series, you can email me at sewingslowly [at] gm ail [dot] com


One thought on “WAK #5: Worsted Gables

  1. kirstinknits May 13, 2013 at 9:41 pm Reply

    Ooh, you’re right, the short sleeved version is much more work appropriate (and to my taste) than the long. Smart of the designer to make the short version the click-through image.

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