WAK #3: Wellwood

How do you all feel about Wellwood? It’s a pattern by Michele Wang, and looks as though it was released as part of the Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2012 collection, although you can buy it separately online.


For me, this pattern is all about those gorgeous sculptural lines that travel down from the shoulder to form the edge of the long, wide placket, lifting the jumper into something that bit different. I also think that unusually long placket is an elegant touch, helping to balance out the proportions of an outfit as a whole.

This photo from kokopaivaneuloja’s project on Ravelry, show the stitch pattern of the placket beautifully:


Other project photos do indicate a bit of show-through on the lacy section, meaning that you would need to make sure you had a decent number of co-ordinating tops to go underneath. It’d work well under a jacket though, with that central interest.

Yarn-wise, it’s knitted in a 4ply – light enough to look smart, although it would take a while to knit. My personal opinion is that it looks best in muted or neutral colours, allowing the texture and design lines to shine through.

What do you think?


One thought on “WAK #3: Wellwood

  1. Stitched Together May 1, 2013 at 8:55 am Reply

    I’m on the fence because it looks like you would need to layer it in order for it to look smart enough for work. With lots of layers it might get a little uncomfortable and if you remove your jacket at work it would look a little casual.

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