A Work Skirt For K

Last night a friend of mine, K, came over to raid my pattern collection. She’s started in the workplace again after a long period of being self-employed, and while her wardrobe is not exactly empty*, it suffers from the same affliction as mine in that a too-high proportion of the clothes are not really smart enough for her current needs.

K’s biggest current need is another work skirt. So we rifled through my paper patterns and picked out a handful of contenders, before moving on to the tech drawing scans of the 31 Burda magazines that I own**.

IMG_6444 (450 x 600) IMG_6448 (600 x 450)

It’s a really interesting exercise looking at patterns for somebody else. While K is also tall*** and curvy, we are really quite different shapes and also have slightly different tastes. We kept saying, “that wouldn’t work for me… but is so you!”

The two patterns that we eventually whittled the shortlist down to are BWOF 02-2009-107 and BWOF 03-2009-105 . Fascinating, because they’re totally not the ones that I’d’ve picked out.

02-2009-107 03-2009-105

Now K gets to be introduced to the joy of Burda pattern sheets. Fortunately for her, they’re both the old-style ones…


*Understatement of the century 😉

**It might be 32, because I have a sneaky feeling that there’s one issue buried in a bag with a languishing UFO somewhere.

***Well, 5’9″. But I think that does fall into my acceptable range for women considering themselves tall. 5’8″ is up for debate. 5’7″ categorically does not, I’m sorry.


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