BurdaStyle May 2013 – Preview

How can it be this time of year already? This is the third day of something approximating Spring-like weather in the UK, and yet Burda’s preview is all about the summer wear*. How bizarre.

Anyway, onto the magazine. When a preview comes out, I hop straight over to the French Burda site, as it still has useful things like archives and technical drawings and what have you, unlike its English-speaking counterpart.

And really Burda? Once again I am thoroughly overwhelemed by your mediocrity. There are a couple of nice dresses in there but nothing really that we haven’t seen before…

a b

…a nice but relatively unremarkable graded vintage pattern…


…and then just a whole load of gumph. Does the fact that you’ve used a scalloped lacy fabric really justify the fact that this pattern is essentially a load of rectangles stuck together? Oh, sorry, you’ve used two different fabrics. Well that makes all the difference.


The one pattern that I do actively like in May’s issue is 128 – a cardigan/ jacket designed for drapy, lightweight wovens. On the subject of workwear, this could work really nicely for a smart summer wardrobe in the right fabric – I like their navy crepe version. I’d be interested to see a back view – do those pockets end at the side seams?


Is that one pattern enough for buying the magazine? The jury’s out. Unless of course I’ve missed anything?

*This may say more about our weather than Burda’s publishing schedules.


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3 thoughts on “BurdaStyle May 2013 – Preview

  1. Fifty Two Create April 16, 2013 at 8:22 pm Reply

    I’m new to patterns for adults. I usually buy children’s patterns from my fabric shop. Can you buy Burda/Simplicity magazines?! Where can you find these? Are you going to tell me just good old WHSmith?!

    • Lucy April 17, 2013 at 3:31 pm Reply

      Yes, Burda produces a pattern magazine although Simplicity doesn’t. You can buy it in good ol’ Smiths, although it tends to be only the larger branches that have it on the shelf without you having to order it in specially. For £4.75 an issue (one issue each month) you get in the range of 20 patterns – mostly adult women’s but some children’s (and very occasionally men’s) as well and each issue has a plus size section.

      This generally makes them pretty good value! A couple of warnings however – you have to trace the patterns off from a paper sheet looking something like this, the patterns don’t come with seam allowances and the instructions vary from the sparse to plain incomprehensible. But on the plus side, they do normally have pretty good drafting and the fit of their patterns is much more similar to a standard European clothing fit than the so-called “big 4” pattern companies.

      • Fifty Two Create April 17, 2013 at 7:04 pm

        Ok wow. I’m going to check it out! Thanks for replying 🙂

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