WAK #1: Two Cardigans

The first actual pattern post in the Work-Appropriate Knitwear series, or “WAK” as it shall henceforth be known around here.

Consider Amelia, a pattern by Laura Chau which appeared in Knitty in 2008…

…and Oolong, it’s fingering-weight sister.

The design isn’t one which breaks fashion-boundaries, but that’s what makes it great – it’s conventional enough to be eminently wearable but it still has the textural interest and well thought out details to make it attractive to knit and wear.

The wide hem band in garter stitch, the twisted rib columns flowing up into the defined raglan ‘seams’ (it’s not actually seamed but picked up, as far as I can see) and the not-too-low scoop neck are all details which draw me to it.

Both backs have a wide panel of twisted rib covering the length of the cardigan – the aran version has a horizontal band of twisted rib running around at the waist which would be easy to add in to Oolong (or take out of Amelia) if so inclined. Personally I prefer having buttons all of the way down a cardigan, but again, that’s easy to adapt to taste.

So it comes to the poll, which I intend to put at the end of all of these posts:

All photos in this post are from Ravelry.


2 thoughts on “WAK #1: Two Cardigans

  1. Stitched Together April 15, 2013 at 9:58 am Reply

    Thanks for sharing these patterns. I love OOlong and may even have yarn in stash for it!

  2. whoopscareless April 15, 2013 at 11:58 am Reply

    I’d vote yes twice, if I could. But I’m a cardigan obsessive (hand-knit and bought) so, um, yes. 😀

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