Status Check #1

I have… let’s count ’em… six works in progress right now. Two knitted, four sewn. And that’s not including languishing UFOs. (I ought to do a confession series on those at some point.)

1. Knitted – Omelette

This is the cardigan I’m knitting in charcoal cashmere. I got as far as joining the facing to the hem with a three-needle join a few weeks ago (the designer isn’t kidding when she says that the construction’s really clever – it’s fab!) but the need to think about it and do some calculations led me to turn to the new and shiny. Knitting a cardigan in 4ply takes time and patience.

2. Knitted – Peacock Eyes Cardigan

I lurve this cardigan and I love the top-down method. Now I’ve got over the “aaargh, lace!” thing I’m also onto the third set of motifs all too soon. I’m trying not to get too cocky, though. Lifelines are still necessary every few rows. I WILL regret it otherwise.

The yarn’s probably not the best for showing off the pattern in, but I just couldn’t resist a peacock cardigan in peacock-coloured yarn.

IMG_6413 (450 x 600) IMG_6416 (450 x 600)

3. Sewn – M5661

Yes, still. It gaspingly close though. I made buttonholes on it the other day. These are evidently the first buttonholes that I have made in a long, long time, because it was with tremendous excitement that I discovered my machine’s automatic buttonhole function! It does normal, round-ended, and keyhole buttons – I decided I’d have round-ended on this top just because I could – and it even calculates the length for you. Samples (front and back respectively):

IMG_6377 (600 x 450) IMG_6380 (600 x 450)

I am wondering whether I am putting my fabric in the wrong way up seeing as the back seems to be so much neater? And yes, I have had my machine since 2010…

All that is left to do on this one is the hem. No, really!

4. Sewn – BWOF 03-2012-121 (modified)

My sewing queue is producing results! I would say that I’m half to two thirds of the way through the wrap top. It’s been more of a squeeze on fabric than I’d anticipated, though, and I’m wondering whether it’s going to be slightly too small. There are plenty of women with a shorter torso than me though (i.e. the entire female population of Britain) so someone else may want it if it does turn out to be a bit more cropped than intended.

The exciting feature of this one is that I’m getting to play with my new overlock foot, which I’m loving, and 1/8″ seam allowances, which are a little more scary.

IMG_6356 (600 x 450)

5. and 6. Sewn – BWOF 02-2013-126 and Vogue 1141

I haven’t actually had access to a sewing machine for the past few days, but I thought I’d take advantage of the time off work and my in-laws’ dining table to get some cutting out done (my least favourite part of the dressmaking process). The idea is that these two get sewn up later in the week as part of Faye’s Essential Tops Sew-a-Long.

IMG_6412 (600 x 450)

Welcome back, mojo. It’s been a while.


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