Farewell to Abakhans

My in-laws are moving away from Lancashire in the summer to a new pastorate*. I must admit that neither I nor Jonathan will miss it terribly, but there are four things which will be a shame to be leaving.

Top of the list has to come P, Jonathan’s best friend and college roomate from university who just happened to live in the same small town that his parents and brothers had moved to at the start of his gap year – lucky indeed.

Third on the list comes such easy access to the sea and fourth, the Lake District within day-trip distance, although I daresay that the North Yorkshire moors will make up for that one.

But the main concern (bar P) for me at least will be my lack of semi-regular access to Preston Abakhans. I wouldn’t say that Abakhans’ fabric is either high quality or predictable in its nature, but you simply can’t beat some of the bargain bins! Fabric is sold by weight – priced by the kg – and you can get the assistants to cut it down for you so long as they’re left with at least a metre.

So basically, it would have been rude not to.

1. Fab lightweight poly knit print, just shy of one metre. I’m thinking a top along the lines of BWOF 09-2010-121. £2.09.

IMG_6386 (450 x 600)

2. Bubbles lace (as I’m calling it). I’ve been on the lookout for a fun and not too traditional lace for ages! It isn’t stretch, alas, but but I have had t-shirt dress envy ever since Tanit-Isis made hers yonks ago so I may try and futz around with M5661 or similar. It could also be a fun waistband accent. Didn’t measure, but there’s quite a bit of it, by which I mean at least over a metre. £1.89.

IMG_6387 (450 x 600)

3. This fabric actually came off the bolt. It’s a lightweight woven of unknown compostion in a beautiful pale gold/ pewter colour and it’s got a gorgeous shimmery sheen to it. I bought two metres envisaging a shirtdress, but I could also see it working as a simple skirt and jacket combination if I could squeeze it out. £7.40.

IMG_6391 (600 x 450)

4. Cherry-coloured cotton poplin. Probably about a metre. Definitely a smart blouse of some sort. £2.74.

IMG_6394 (600 x 450)

5. A thin, baby-pink t-shirt knit, a bit under a metre. Totally Vogue 1141. £1.55.

IMG_6396 (600 x 450)

Bargainous. I was very good. I didn’t even look in the yarn section.

*Both Jonathan’s parents are ministers. Dusty Springfield was included on the wedding reception playlist, but I fear it got too lost amongst chatter to raise any particular reaction.


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    […] to use my annual leave allowance whenever the hell I like, and the sewing mojo has struck. The shimmery fabric that I bought at Abakhan’s at Easter has been begging to become a summer dress, and who am I […]

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