Essential Tops Sew-a-Long

I have signed up for a sew-a-long! Specifically, the Essential Tops Sew-a-Long at Faye’s Sewing Adventures.

Now you probably all think I’m crazy. The last time I signed up for a sew-a-long it was the pyjama party over at Did You Make That. Did I make my pyjama bottoms in the whole month that was allowed for us? Did I heck!

But actually, this one’s not entirely unrealistic. There are no quotas (hooray!) and the official sewing time runs from 24th March to 7th April – which just so happens to encompass my week’s holiday at Easter. I have tops in my sewing queue. I have the fabric, I have the thread for about three of them, and I even have one of the patterns traced out so there really are no excuses.

I don’t know whether finishing up current WIPs in the time-period will count? After six weeks of having neither energy nor a fully functioning brain, I finally got my sewing machine out again a couple of days ago. M5661 now looks like a real top: I just need to make buttonholes, sew on buttons, and hem it! Oh, and tack a couple of facings down. But it’s within striking distance!

IMG_6354 (600 x 450)


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One thought on “Essential Tops Sew-a-Long

  1. Faye Lewis March 20, 2013 at 1:28 am Reply

    Thank you for joining the sewalong. Don’t let the time frame be too pressing, I’ll keep the sewalong open for a while after April 7th.

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