Project Pairing #4

No sewing has been going on here for ages. I’ve just been too tired, and the longer a project stagnates, the harder it is to get going again. I could let M5661 gain official UFO status and start something new! and fresh!, but that feels like giving up rather.

This hasn’t stopped me reading sewing blogs, combing eBay for pretty fabrics, and coming up with all sorts of exciting plans which I may never get round to, though. I must share with you my latest purchase: 3m of the most gorgeousest silk jersey ever.

At £10/m it wasn’t cheap exactly, but that’s a pretty amazing price for what it is. The fabric is quite sheer in person, so I think it will need some sort or lining or underlining to render it decent.

Anyway, the pattern that I have in mind (that I also need to buy) is Vogue 8825. I keep seeing gorgeous versions of it made up on other people’s blogs, and in the drapy, flowly silk… mmm. I’m not overly keen on the balloon sleeves, but that’ll be pretty easy to rectify for a more subtle look.



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2 thoughts on “Project Pairing #4

  1. Stitched Together March 16, 2013 at 10:23 am Reply

    Thanks for sharing that pattern. I’d not seen it and it would be perfect for me, plus I managed to swing getting it half price from Sew Direct!

    • Lucy March 16, 2013 at 1:03 pm Reply

      Woop, you’re welcome! It’s very much one of those patterns where they made the sample up in such a crazy print that there was no way to tell what it was actually like.

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