FO: Cinnabar in Words

A couple of posts back I posted the pictures of my completed Cinnabar (eee!) that a colleague kindly took on our lunch break for me. They’re not the most flattering photos ever because of all the sun-squinting going on, but they do show off the jumper quite well.

I love the fit on this thing. It’s flattering and highlights my curves, while simultaneously sooo warm and comfy. Why is that so hard to find in RTW? The only thing that I would change is the lower sleeves – I hate it when woolly jumpers are prone to dangling in the washing-up water but I did over-compensate a little bit here, and putting it on requires a bit of tugging down on long shirt sleeves underneath to not feel all awkward and twisted. I partly blame the gauge though – my swatch lead me to believe that the knitted fabric would grow more on blocking than it actually did. Ah well.

A couple of things are briefly worth mentioning. I effectively took 1 inch of length out above the bust because other people’s project photos were consistently displaying excess fabric in that region. (Actually I only took half an inch out, but seeing as I normally have to add half an inch in…)

I also threw in some k/p3togs in the first couple of rows after picking up for the collar in order to bring it in a bit closer to my neck. There’s no point in having a nice snuggly jumper which let’s in chills down the top!

So yes. My first jumper. I think it’s fair to say that I am rather proud of myself.

Oh, and these are the buttons which I went for in the end. Aren’t they pretty?



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2 thoughts on “FO: Cinnabar in Words

  1. Jessica March 9, 2013 at 1:06 pm Reply

    Your sweater is beautiful, and what a gorgeous color!

    • Lucy March 9, 2013 at 1:08 pm Reply

      Thank you! It is, isn’t it. It’s the first wool that I bought myself after I learned to knit – I’m all about the colours!

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