WIP Detail Shot #2: Hairpins Save The Day

Having spent the last post talking about some ‘proper’ hobby tools which make life easier, let me present the totally non-specialist accessory which has saved my knitting bacon on many an occasion already:


Yes, my friends. The humble hair pin*.

Picking up dropped stitches has never been easier. The round bits on the end mean that you don’t snag your yarn, while it’s still slim enough to thread through the next stitch up if you need to.

Observe my latest case in point: one jumper, bound off, finished! But the collar turns out to be too short for my (admittedly long) neck, resulting in more of a jewel neckline than a proper collar. So I need to unpick the bind off and rip back far enough to pick up a row of stitches again, having established that I cannot for the life of me work out how to insert a retrospective lifeline into linen stitch. To add to the difficulties the yarn is 100% wool (= fuzzy) and very loosely plied, meaning that when I pull it sometimes just breaks off.

But hairpins save the day and I’m ready to start knitting again: (please excuse the awful colours in the photo)

IMG_6292 (600 x 450)


Oh, and the best thing about hairpins? I always have at least three on me at any one time. Personal style must sometimes be sacrified for the greater good.

*Hair grip? Kirby grip? Whatever.


One thought on “WIP Detail Shot #2: Hairpins Save The Day

  1. yarntospin February 21, 2013 at 9:24 pm Reply

    That’s good to know. Thanks!

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