Tools of the Trade

The WIPs having been coming on even more slowly than normal. I promised myself that I wouldn’t turn this into a depression blog, so let me present to you some things that I’ve been buying lately…

First up, a ball winder.

IMG_6280 (450 x 600)

It’s not that it’s not possible to wind skeins of yarn by hand, but it’s a faff, so when I was offered the chance to buy this one second-hand on Ravelry for £10… well, let’s just say it arrived in my pigeonhole at work the following Monday! Ball winders also have the advantage of producing caked yarn, which is immensely satisfying in my opinion:

IMG_6287 (450 x 600)

(Isn’t that gorgeous? It’s hand-dyed, also from a Ravelry destash, and destined for a Peacock Eyes Cardigan at some point.)

On the sewing front, I spent some birthday Amazon vouchers on a couple of chalk marking tools. Traditional tailors chalk frustrates me at how quickly it bluntens, and it’s not exactly quick and flowing in its application so I decided to try out a Prym double tracing wheel (left) and a Chaco chalk liner pen (right).

IMG_6288 (600 x 450)

I’m really pleased with both so far, and hope that the double tracing wheel is going to speed up my use of Burda magazine patterns somewhat. Both mark nicely (amusingly using an identical wheel mechanism – guess the same component must have been purchased by both retailers), although with the double tracing wheel you need to make sure that it’s level and that you apply enough pressure on both sides equally – and you really need a hard surface underneath, so I’ve been placing a magazine under my fabric when I want to mark it up at the ironing board.

Not sponsored, etc etc.. Ha, wouldn’t that be nice?!


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One thought on “Tools of the Trade

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