FO: Knitted Baby Dress

I finished the baby dress/tunic, first shown here.

IMG_6254 (450 x 600)Cute, no?

There isn’t a lot to say about this dress, really, but a couple of notes. The pattern is ‘Button Tunic’, which has a fold up pocket all around the hem secured with buttons. As incredibly sweet as this feature is, I was knitting the one year old size, and buttons near babies are to be treated with caution. Plus, this was an instant gratification project, people! I didn’t want to be futzing around with buttonholes and what have you.

I did take inspiration from the colour-blocking of the original, and knitted the dress as a canvas for this funky multicoloured acrylic (I presume) that I have had in my posession for yeeeears. The cream stripes at the bottom are knit in garter stitch – partly as a design feature, but partly to lend some weight and anti-curling support to the lense dense multicoloured stockinette. There is a single garter row on each sleeve hem, too, as an echo.

As I knitted the dress in the round, I used techknitter’s tutorial for jogless stripes. The result isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than obvious spirals would have been! I don’t suppose that anyone will be looking anyway.IMG_6257 (450 x 600)

Another ‘first’ knitting-wise is that this is my first garment knit top-down, with yoke and sleeves as one piece. It will definitely not be my last – it was so satisfying once I’d worked out what was going on! Actually a pattern lingering near to the top of my queue on Ravelry is constructed in the same way, so watch this space…

Now I just have to find a suitably cute recipient. All bar one of the babies that I know of the appropriate age are boys – and the one girl has an elder sister who would also need a knitted present to make it fair. I am not pregnant (nor do I have any wish to be in the immediate future!) and I can’t help feeling that putting the dress into the Bottom Drawer will only provoke Sod’s Law into giving me boys in the years to come. Still, enough of my friends seem to be sprogging that I’m sure the Buttonless Tunic will find a home soon enough 🙂


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One thought on “FO: Knitted Baby Dress

  1. Flix February 13, 2013 at 8:30 pm Reply

    I love the colours. And the overall design. Cuuuuute.

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