Project Pairing #3

It is a generally acknowedged fact that I am a bit of an introvert. It’s not that I haven’t been interested in the recent trend for animal print clothing – I even tried on a top in New Look although it was inevitably too short. No, the point is that when confronted with a thoroughly extrovert trend, introverts like me will need to bring it down a notch or two in order to feel comfortable.

I’ve been casually on the lookout recently for a classy animal print, or at the very least an interesting one. So when Karen mentioned in November that she’d bought some leopard-print cord on a visit to Birmingham, my ears pricked up somewhat. It’s the perfect compromise. Out there print – traditional, comfortable fabric. The ante was upped when it transpired that Scruffy Badger had bought the same fabric and had made a thoroughly classy mini-skirt. Grey tones, needlecord, from Birmingham?

Well I don’t really need to tell you the rest, do I?


This seamed, A-line skirt that I’ve had on my radar ever since it came out should consider itself project paired.

(Now I just need to do some actual sewing one of these days. M5661 is coming along, albeit slowly.)


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