Project Pairing #2

Burda magazines cost £4.75 per issue. This is pretty awesome value given that each magazine contains about 20 patterns, but in order to try and keep a) my magazine stash and b) my sewing expenditure slightly under control, I have a rule that I only buy an issue if there are at least two patterns in there that I can see myself sewing.

Sometimes, though, I will justify the purchase on a single must-have pattern. That’s what happened with November’s issue when I needed the vintage reprint dress, and I think that’s what’s going to happen with February’s issue.

Actually, the shirt dress 118 looks like a great pattern too, although I wouldn’t make it in bouclé as they do in the magazine:


But t-shirt 126, with the option of longer sleeves or extending it into a dress with patterns 127 and 128 respectively? Hells yes!


A basic t-shirt with feminine interest and a great neckline? Oh be still, my beating heart.

The raglan sleeves also look really comfortable, which is why I’m pairing this pattern up with the dark blue (I hestitate to call it navy) supplex that I bought from eBay before Christmas, with the intention of sewing up some sportswear. I am notoriously unsporty in most respects, but I do go regularly to Pilates and the whole stretching-out-in-borderline-too-short-clothing thing does not do my body-comfort a whole lot of good.

pilates t-shirt

So if the fabric seems good to work with then I may well be ordering some more, the next stop being leggings.


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