WIP: My First (Knitted) Armscye Seam

IMG_6242 (450 x 600)

It’s a bit of a lumpy one, especially around the top of the sleeve cap. Hopefully it’ll look a bit better with steaming and blocking. I did have a more detailed shot which Jonathan took for me, but I, um, deleted it off the memory card by mistake.

I’ve been doing whipstitch. Mattress stitch is clearly the recommended technique for unobtrusive seaming, but seems to assume that you’re joining two vertical pieces together (which clearly I am not).

Do the more experienced knitters out there have any advice?


Between writing and publishing this post, I did a bit of searching on Ravelry, which lead me to this Knitty article: mattress stitch for sleeves. So I think I’m going to be unpicking, blocking the whole thing, and trying again.

(I’m a little terrified of the blocking too, by the way. My gauge swatch suggests that all horizontal measurements will grow by an eighth – hence the rather close fit at present. But what if it doesn’t work out and all my hard fitting work is ruined?)

It’s frustrating because I want to wear it NOW. The snow is falling thick and fast outside and I desperately need more work appropriate jumpers. But I know that I will wear the result a lot more if I actually get it right. Patience, girl, patience.


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2 thoughts on “WIP: My First (Knitted) Armscye Seam

  1. Margaret Lupton January 30, 2013 at 8:22 pm Reply

    Don`t know what you are concerned about – it looks lovely.

    • Lucy January 30, 2013 at 9:11 pm Reply

      Alas, I am a perfectionist 🙂

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