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Resolutions are fantastic things when you make them in January, but it often doesn’t take long for them to get forgotten. I daresay that’s one of the reasons that Karen’s re-sewlutions jar, with the promise of follow-up on readers’ sewing resolutions, turned out to be such a popular idea (237 comments at the time of writing!) – as I’ve been discovering with my accountancy study, there’s nothing like a bit of accountability to get things moving.


I think that the other key to any sort of target is being realistic. The title of this blog reflects the fact that I do not have an amazingly high sewing output. I don’t sew fast, and I don’t dedicate every spare minute of my time to the hobby. Even if I wanted to, the reality of having Depression is that I simply can’t concentrate for that long at a time on anything, which really eats into my time and motivation.

Four work tops (to make it into rotation) was my realistic goal for the year. I wrote recently on my old blog about the workwear dilemma, and my need to expand my smart wardrobe.

I’m starting with McCall’s 5661 – the pattern I was twisting my head around here. This pattern is actually now out of print for some unfathomable reason, but reviews and pictures around the internet suggested that it was such a well-fitting, basic woven top that I paid a little over the odds on eBay to get my hands on it. (I believe that clicking on the line drawings below should expand the image.)


I’m making what is turning out to be an eminently wearable muslin of View B and my hopes are high. Unfortunately I have no pictures to show yet – the construction order is such that the side seams are sewn up fairly late on – but pin-fitting suggests that my FBA has worked a treat.

The fabric is a double-bed sheet that I picked up in a charity shop in Suffolk earlier this year. It’s a gorgeous pink-tinged light terracotta colour, and despite being polycotton has a wonderfully tight weave (high thread-count, in home furnishings terminology). Only the best unwanted bed linen around here 😉

IMG_6225 (600 x 450)

So here’s hoping for another TNT. That’d be a great way to kick-start the sewing year.


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One thought on “In The Jar

  1. didyoumakethat January 19, 2013 at 7:12 pm Reply

    Being realistic about what you can achieve in a certain amount of time is one of the MOST important aspects of sewing, so I admire you greatly for being honest with yourself about what you can achieve by when! If I want to go to town on a dress make, I always give myself a clear two months. That way, I’m not sewing into the night, tearing my hair out. My heart always slightly sinks when I see someone declare they’re going to make a dress in a weekend…

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