WIP: My First Jumper

Back in August, I started knitting my first jumper. (Actually it was technically started back in July, but we won’t talk about that.)

I converted Kate Gilbert’s Cinnabar Pullover to be knitted in the round, and dove straight in. I mean, sure, jumpers are big but I figured that they couldn’t be that difficult per se, and it turns out that I was right. Nothing thus far has given me a huge challenge, apart from the occasional need to step away from SO MUCH stockinette stitch and knit something else.

This is where new knitters like me have a tremendous advantage over those hailing from ages past: we have the internet. Based on my fitting experience from sewing, I decided that I wanted to grade between sizes, add some vertical dart shaping in the back, and add a bit of short row shaping for my tummy and boobs in the front. No problems, or certainly none that a bit guidance from friends at Knit Night couldn’t sort out.

Anyway, about ten days before Christmas, I finished the major knitting parts! I had a body, front and back. I had sleeves. I had placket halves. I just needed to seam everything together. Easy, right?

And, um, there it’s sat ever since. I’d read on Ravelry that the wool I’ve been using (Twilley’s Freedom Spirit, if you’re interested) was awful for seaming because it was just too loosely plied, and when I picked the project up again tonight with a wool needle and some friendly instructions on hand, my experience confirmed that. So using a coordinating skein of Baby Cashmerino which I’d picked up explicitely for this purpose, I slowly sewed my first two ever knitted seams – rendering the jumper fit for a WIP photo!

IMG_6211 (450 x 600)

IMG_6209 (450 x 600)

I’m on a roll, baby! Aren’t the variagated colours in the yarn absolutely gorgeous?


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One thought on “WIP: My First Jumper

  1. Lisa January 11, 2013 at 1:11 am Reply

    Gosh, that’s pretty!

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