Project Pairing #1

I love Ravelry. I love Ravelry for all sorts of reasons, but one of them right up there is the fact that it is so organised. It allows me to list my patterns, list my yarn, and then pair combinations up in a queue so that when I think “Hmm, I want to knit something”, I don’t get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities out there. My hope is that it will also enable me to keep control of my yarn stash a bit better than my fabric stash.

But anyway. In the absense of a nicely-coded widget allowing me to do the same for sewing, I am going to try and start doing so here.

Let’s start with the three fabrics that I bought over the Christmas-New Year holiday, whilst staying at the in-laws’ in Lancashire. Abakhan’s may be a bit hit and miss, but these remnant bin finds were definitely hits.

Let’s start with the “poly-wool mix” knit that I got for £1.80(!). There’s a smidge under a metre of it, but it’s the most gorgeous dark turquiose colour and feels just so thick and soft and light. One side has also got a lovely heathered appearance to it, I discovered when I got home, although needless to say it hasn’t come out on the scan. I’m thinking a cropped cardi along the lines of BWOF 03-2012-121, although I won’t have enough fabric do to the whole wrap tie thing that they’ve got going on there.


For £1.79, I purchased about 85cm of a lightweight, drapy knit fabric. It’s a gorgeously saturated purply-blue colour. Can you tell that colour is a real draw for me when I’m picking out fabrics? I’m hoping there’ll be enough to finally make the t-shirt from Vogue 1141 (reprint of the t-shirt from Vogue 2925, I believe), although I might have to do the pleated shoulders as distinct pieces rather than as an extension of the back.


And finally, it’s that gold-mustard-yellow tubular interlock and the franken-knit top from BWOF 02-2009-108 and BWOF 11-2012-138 that you’ll recognise if you read my last blog. Only enough fabric for short sleeves rather than long, but for £1.79 again you can’t complain really, can you?



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